The Future of Terrorism / Extremism

Terrorism has become one of the contemporary threats to the authority of nation states. In the past two decades, the threat posed by terrorism has become more pronounced as factors such as globalization have made it possible for terrorism to spread to different nations. Coupled with such increasing globalization of terror has been the increasing recognition of human rights that have reduced the span of activities that nation states can lawfully engage in to combat terror. Further, the failures in governance in various states have led to the rise of other centers of authority, other than national states, which has made it easier for terrorist groups to spread their ideology. As contended in the subsequent sections of this paper, the threat of terrorism will continue to be among the preeminent issues that will afflict the U.S. in the next 10 to 20 years as technological advancements, counteracting political interests, and globalization offer terrorists more tools to advance their cause.

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