The Role of the Political Process on the Effectiveness of the U.S. treasury department

The political process has a great influence on the effectiveness of the agency since the political infrastructure governs such aspects as holders of the offices in the treasury and the fiscal policy adopted. Most of the top office holders such as the Secretary of the Treasury, the deputy secretary and the treasurer are appointees of the ruling government hence change in governance could affect the continuity of ongoing operations of the department. With respect to the fiscal policy examples of the impact of the political process on the treasury’s operations is notable in the recent proposal by the government to increase taxation for the rich (Calmes, 2011). Such proposal has generated diverse opinions with the opinions divided between the democratic and republican parties. The political effect on the Treasury is further highlighted by the fact that the department’s work (including development of budgets for the government) needs approval of the House of Representatives for them to be implemented (U.S. Government Printing Office, 2012). Such aspects imply that the effectiveness of the department’s operations is determined by the effectiveness of government’s lobbying for the support of the issues related to the department in the House of Representatives.


The department of the Treasury is a core function of the US government that works to ensure stability of the economy and the integrity of the financial system. This paper evaluates the organization of the entity and assesses its works. The Secretary of the Treasury heads the department and oversees the running of multiple bureaus created under the entity. Roles of the department include development of the fiscal policy of the government, collection of government revenue and establishment and regulating the financial systems in the country. The oversight of the entity is provided by the congress with its effectiveness being subject to the support the government receives in political processes.


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Organization structure of the Treasury department


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