Training Program for Work-life Balance Seminar

Photo plus holdings (PPH) is committed to improve its work-life balance programs through establishment of flexible working arrangement in its business operations. By leveraging advances in technological advances, the company undertakes to offer individuals the choice of working hours and days as well as working from home when need arises. For the company to succeed in such a program, key controls and infrastructure establishments should be continually developed.

The establishment of work-life programs needs a well developed strategy. First the needs of the workforce can be identified through the information presented on their personal files. When these are identified the evaluation of structures needed for effective implementation noting available ones in the firm is advisable. According to perceived benefits of the programs, weaknesses in the organization and threats in the environment should be evaluated to inform on the best strategy to mitigate these. On implementation a cost/benefit appraisal should be conducted to identify possible areas for strategy amelioration.

work-life                                                               Implementation strategy to mitigate threats and implementation process

Fig: Flow diagram for work-life implementation process

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