Understanding the Importance of Group Dynamics to Business Organizations

Understanding various aspects of group dynamics is important in establishing and sustaining a good working environment in the organization. Appreciating the ways through which groups are able to influence individual members’ behavior, for instance, provides leaders with skills to best organize work groups for better performance. As an example, an individual’s behavior could result from external control through rewards and punishments that a given group, organization or entity confers to its members (Nowak, Vallacher, & Miller, 2003). However, a better approach through which individual behavior is altered is via manipulation through processes such as affinity, scarcity and norms  (Nowak, Vallacher, & Miller, 2003). However people also could change their behavior to conform to or as a result of the accountability placed upon a given institution (Nowak, Vallacher, & Miller, 2003). Understanding various aspects of group dynamics would thus help the organization to set up groups whose members are compatible in respect to factors such as age, status and culture, thus ensuring better performance. Go to part 3 here.

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