Volunteer recruitment and retention in not-for-profit – literature review

Various studies evaluating volunteering perspectives have come up in recent years with recognition of volunteerism as a core contributor to the social and economic well-being of many countries (Wilson, 2000). In the current study, the search of studies for inclusion in the review was conducted through online databases, search engines such as Google scholar, and publications in the websites of organizations that deal with volunteering issues. The search used keywords such as “volunteering”, “Nonprofit organizations” and “recruitment and retention” in combination, to narrow down the results to those specifically addressing the subject under consideration – recruitment and retention of volunteers in Nonprofit organizations. Out of this initial search, various studies were identified. Firstly, there were surveys or status reports highlighting extent of volunteerism in countries such as the US and the UK. Secondly, there were studies evaluating the market of and competition for volunteers in local (e.g. in Australia) and international markets. Such studies included those highlighting characteristics of individuals who volunteer. Thirdly, there were studies highlighting human resource management strategies that may be applicable in an organization reliant on volunteer human capital. Other studies such as those on leadership and those that dwelt mainly on highlighting the value (e.g. economic and social) of volunteers to an organization, which turned up following the search, were excluded from the review. Below, studies included are reviewed based on themes established. Go to the next part here.

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