Volunteer Recruitment and Retention – problem statement

Recruiting and retaining volunteers within an organization becomes a challenging aspect since volunteerism lacks the aspect of comparable remuneration with market rates (Wilson, 2000), which is a critical aspect in attracting applicants to a job opportunity (Rynes & Cable, 2003). Such a challenge is heightened by recent indications that volunteering in countries such as England and wales has been on a declining trend since 2005 (nfpSynergy, 2011, slide 4). Additionally, volunteer organizations may be competing for services of similar volunteers with indication that a substantial number of volunteers have at one time in the past served in multiple organisations that have different missions (Dolnicar & Randle, 2005). With the scope of services that volunteer organizations offer widening from such aspects as governments relinquishing some of their social welfare investments (Bussell & Forbes, 2001; Dolnicar & Randle, 2007), nonprofit organizations need to establish appropriate systems to attract and retain volunteers within their organization (Shin & Kleiner, 2003; CNCS, 2010, p. 9). Accordingly, the review presented in this paper aims to highlight the factors that influence volunteer recruitment and retention, thus assess practices that may help an organization to meet its volunteer-workforce requirements. Go to literature review here.

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