Walmart’s Communication Strategy – Objectives

The aim of the promotional plan envisaged here is to increase Wal-Mart’s U.S sales so as to achieve a favorable comparable store sales-rating in the current financial period. The plan aims at moving such comparable sales from the current annual rating of -0.8% (Wal-Mart, 2011a, p. 15), to 2.0% for the 2011 financial year.


The budgeted expenditure for each of the communication category is presented in the table below:

                                                   Particulars Expenditure$


Television and radio (half advertising costs) 1050.00
Print media (2/5 of remainder) 420.00
Direct Marketing and Email (remainder split four-ways in the remaining categories) 157.50
Website, Social Media 157.50
Sales Promotion (Wal-Mart Gifts) 157.50
Personal selling 157.50
Total (average of the advertising cost for previous three years, Wal-Mart, 2011, p. 36) 2,100


Target Audience

This promotional plan targets households making an annual income of less than $70,000. This is advised on the success of the entity in attracting such a target group in 2007 during the financial crisis (“Wal-Mart’s profit rises,” 2011).

Communication Strategy

The promotion campaign will feature integrated market communications. These will range from traditional avenues such as newspapers, television and radio to modern channels such as email, website and social networking. Whereas the modern methods will help reduce the budget will enhancing the consumer awareness (Wright, Khanfar, Harrington & Kizer, 2010), the traditional media could still influence customers to purchase from the stores due to their perception as being trustworthy and offering reliable information by customers (Danaher & Rossiter, 2011).

Creative Strategy

The creative strategy will seek to highlight the entity’s clamor to provide customers with value for their money. Happy shoppers leaving the stores with shopping carts full to the brim

Media Planning

Advertisements are planned to run during prime time, in the TV channels. Print media advertisements will be run in at least one newspaper in every state for two days in a week for one month. Web advertising and engaging customers on social media will be a continuous activity throughout the campaign period.

Media Strategy


Short advertisement stressing the value for money and variety offered by Wal-Mart will run in TV and radio channels for two months. Print advertisement to run for the first month of the campaign in every state.

Direct Marketing

Direct marketing activities will involve email messages on discounts being offered at specific dates in the entity.

Internet and Interactive Media

Provide coupon purchase based on customer engagement on social media and the entity’s website.

Sales Promotion

Offer discounted sales for products that are moving slowly in the shelves. Bundle products to offer more quantity at favorable rates.

Public Relations

Hire a public relations firm to manage the negative publicity created about the firms customer service (, 2011) and political engagements (“Mixing politics and Wal-Mart,” 2008).


The publicity process will include roadshows and competitions where winners of contests that take place will be rewarded with gifts and shopping vouchers.

Personal Selling

Provide incentives for associates to engage in personal selling activities. Incentives could include commissions and pay hikes.

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