Water Scarcity Issues in the North of China

China’s political and economic stability has attracted widespread attention. Such probably could be from the increasing dominance the country has generated in the world economic circles in the recent times. Such is indicated by the favorable balance of trade that the country has enjoyed in respect to a number of countries including the United States. Guthrie, in noting the rapid transformation of China, for instance states that “the country has accomplished in twenty-five years what many developing nations have taken half a century or more to achieve” (3). But not all has been positive in China’s economic development. China’s development has for mainly been fueled by rapid industrialization (Guthrie 122) a phenomenon that has greatly impacted on other spheres of the country’s economy. Much criticism has for instance been advanced on the alleged weaknesses of the political system, increasing societal challenges to the institutions and structures and whether the country can sustain economic and social developments and political reforms with the challenges that it currently faces.

One such debate with is related to water scarcity in the North of China and its impacts on the country’s agricultural sector. Such water scarcity problems have been attributed to a number of factors with urbanization and increased population being among these (Jiang 3185). The impacts of the water crisis have further been noted not only to the society that occupies this region but also to the surrounding environment (Jiang 3185). Such a situation as exemplified the challenges that China has faced in its quest to become a global economic power house. These challenges have lead to an increasing concern on China’s ability to stamp its economic future in the global economy with an increasing concern of the impact of human activities on the environmental further aggravating the situation. This paper’s objective is thus to evaluate the issues facing Chinese agricultural sector with an emphasis on the scarcity of water in the North China. The paper analyses the effects of such water scarcity on the region’s ecosystem and how it affects Chinese global trade. Policies that the government has employed to deal with water scarcity issues will also be evaluated to find out whether China’s future is guaranteed or the pessimistic projections of the country’s future that spell doom for the world’s most populous nation are well informed.

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